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I’m slightly doubtful as to whether anyone will be interested in the content of this, but here’s my new blog link. It’s simply raw personal thoughts rather than long topical posts, and it’ll fill with whatever is occupying  my mind. It began initially for a particular Someone, but She then suggested that I do share. Take a look if you’re interested!


Over and out

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As of April 2010, myself and Batling are no longer together. It’s messy, complicated and not something I’d ever seen happening. But I can’t change the way my heart is, and I couldn’t live with myself staying only because I was too scared to say anything. I’m not sharing the reasons, it’s between her and I now.

What it means is that I don’t want to continue with this blog anymore. It became a chore, and I need a change. I have a new blog, but I won’t be announcing the link. If you know me well enough you’ll be able to find it.


Conditioning her response

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“I want you to close your eyes, and feel everything below your knees start to relax…”

For the past three or four weeks there has been one fantasy on babykat’s mind. Scratch all your typical play fantasies, and enter babykat’s mind; nightly hypnosis, triggers and a growing addiction to Mummy’s voice. It’s not often her fantasies lack physical play but, she’s becoming a real hypnoslut. Blame Batling’s perfect voice…

It’s almost as if masochism has taken a back seat with babykat’s growing fascination and addiction to hypnosis. And sure, it does make S/m play with Batling a whole lot more intense anyway. Even just a completely clean chat with Batling on the phone produces a reaction in babykat’s pussy. Picking up the phone and hearing the voice that guides her into a trance, the only voice that can make her nervous and full of sick excitement at the same time… the voice that orders her to cum. She can’t disassociate Batling’s deadly ‘I know exactly what’s in that mind of yours, and I’m going to torment you with it’ voice with her ‘how’s your day been, sweetheart?’ voice, and as a result hearing either makes her rub her pussy down against her panties and imagine that voice in telling her what a whore she is. Batling’s voice is the sweetest poison, and babykat feels very lucky knowing that such a voice belongs to her Owner.

Introducing triggers into trance sessions has stepped mind play up another level, taking it beyond simple suggestions or ‘lessons’ that affect babykat’s day-to-day life. Triggers give Batling that element of complete control over a decision babykat would otherwise have made herself. Which, of course, is what babykat had signed for when she nervously wrote her name at the bottom of her Slave Contract. She belongs to Batling now, and Batling can take as much control over her as she wants. Whether that be her orgasms, when she’s allowed her toys or when she goes to bed. It’s Batling’s to take.

Babykat felt really proud when her first trigger came as a surprise towards the end of a hypnosis session. She’d been at that stage of trance where she was aware it was being given, but not really the effect it would have on her. But it was that little switch Batling had installed inside her that made babykat feel completely special. She wanted to tell people, point out that nobody else could trip the switch, how only Batling could produce that particular response. She wanted people to know she now had no choice over that decision. What a hypnowhore.

Her second trigger came about exactly for that reason. Babykat wanted to have her right to cum taken away from her, because she wanted Batling to have even more control. She’d never felt so safe, loved, really owned before. Of course, she’d never been owned real-time before, so it was natural, but she still had trouble hiding her delight.

It was around that point that babykat realised she was a pretty big fan of mind play. Sure, she’d been reading thisgirl’s blog posts on the topic and been interested, but it had still been far from passionate. And the scared feeling had turned into an excited one, which is probably just what happens when the something new is with somebody you adore. Especially when it’s their passion too. Babykat had just been given the trigger (come on, did you think she would tell you it?) that would deny her the right to climax she’d been so used to taking for granted almost daily. But that’s the thing. She has no right anymore. She shouldn’t touch her pussy without permission, let alone take herself all the way to climax. Batling owns the right to touch babykat’s pussy now. It’s Batling’s climax. Maybe that’s why she takes so much pleasure from listening to babykat cum on the phone?

In fact, babykat is probably lucky that she doesn’t have to ask permission for anything else, like to go and use the bathroom, or to wear underwear during the day. Oh god, now babykat’s mind is filled with thoughts of having to ask Batling if she could go, and the humiliation she’d feel. Or to have to ask her each night for permission to wear panties the next day. Oh god, bad babykat. Stop thinking.

She’d never admit it to Mummy directly (oh wait, she reads her blog..) but she’d love exactly that. To let you into a secret, she does have this fantasy about complete control. Food, water, bodily functions.. the lot. Of course, it’s probably one of those things that will end up only staying a fantasy, at least for now. She isn’t sure she could cope with it for more than a few weeks at a time anyway.

Babykat had this thought a couple of weeks ago. She stressed herself out, wondering how on earth she was going to remember any more triggers. But of course, hypnosis isn’t about remembering. In fact, she’s realised just how much better it is if you can’t remember. Your Owner says something, and hey, you feel completely different. No awareness of why, how to change it or when it’ll switch back to how you felt before. That’s the way it’s been with babykat’s most recent hypnosis sessions with Batling. Subconsciously, hypnosis has felt much deeper. It isn’t like before, when she wasn’t comfortable enough to let herself relax completely. Babykat learnt to let herself space out from the distractions around her and let the voice in her ear become her everything long ago. This is different, and inexplicable. No decision or realisation made babykat shift from half remembering what’s been said, or at least the topic during trance. Even after relaxing into her first trigger session she still felt like she had to put a bit of effort into being hypnotised. As in, surely she should study every word to ensure they’re going into her mind, like when she’s revising for a test?

Oh no, that’s not what hypnosis is all about. Being the subject of a hypnosis session has one overriding meaning.

Surrender. Giving up your control over your mind.

This was, in a sense, something babykat knew. Batling was going to tap into her mind, adjust the way she thinks and leave her none the wiser. But it still shocked her the first time.

The first time was when Batling called for a live hypnosis session. That was what had been the subject of babykat’s extensive fantasy. Hearing the voice she craves speaking the first words of the structure she’s so familiar with. Her response, the burning need that starts between her legs and over-sensitizes her whole body as Mummy’s voice flows through her. The reality didn’t disappoint. What followed after was an intense, teasingly drawn out play session, the kind that makes babykat’s heart skip a beat as she thinks back about it. The element that was tying everything together was the incredible connection she felt with Batling. Different to anything before. Batling had a whole new level of control, knew it, and completely used it to her advantage. And babykat was only vaguely aware of why. If you asked her now, she couldn’t identify what made her feel so different. But it must have been a trigger, right?

Babykat had taken babykat into some deeper level of trance. She’s told her that much. And for the first time, babykat couldn’t remember what had been said to her during that live session. Racking her mind now, she can’t even remember finishing rubbing letters off the chalkboard. It’s no longer being aware of her limbs and not being able to move them. The only way she can describe how she remembers feeling is as if she wasn’t even inside her body. As if it was just her mind and Batling’s voice, nothing else. She wasn’t even aware she was breathing, and even as Batling took her into the first level of trance, to the point where she’s asked to open her eyes and it’s so so difficult that the only thing she wants in the whole entire world is to hear Batling tell her to close them. She knows how shallow her breathing was then. Tiny, baby breaths, as if her body didn’t need the air. And then the memories stop.

Since that session, babykat hasn’t been scared. Even though every single session, she’s felt this way. Asleep. Gone. That’s a good word for it. She won’t even have her usual visualisation of climbing the stairs back to reality as Mummy counts her up. She’ll wake up for the last 3, 2, 1 and have no recollection of even which mp3 she’s listened to.


Classic conditioning: a form of associative learning involving a neutral stimulus along with a stimulus of some significance. Through the conditioning process, the individual is trained to associate the neutral stimulus with the significant stimulus. The end result is, in anticipation, a behavioural response to the neutral stimulus, as if it were the significant. See wikipedia.

Babykat mentioned to Mummy that she might write a blog post about conditioning. It had been on her mind since she’d come across the original Pavlovian classic conditioning routine at college, and couldn’t help relating it back to blog posts she’d read about conditioning in a D/s relationship. This post is going to replace the conditioning post she would have done, but if you’re interested both these links are very informative. See here and here.

So maybe babykat’s interest sparked an idea for Batling’s live session? Babykat knows that certainly something said made babykat much more aroused, before she began touching herself. Is babykat going to be trained to cum on command for Mummy? And babykat’s fluttery stomach is back, just like that. See what thoughts about Batling do to her? The way she tells babykat to cum for her as she approaches her orgasm, and how that just pushes her over the edge, hearing that Mummy wants it, filled with a desire to please and be a good whore. Imagine if a word was to do that to her? Somehow, when it’s a word that could be used equally in normal conversation, the way it affects your mind is much more significant. Not only does nobody else know the trigger, but nobody else knows the implications when just that one ordinary word is said. In some ways it’s humiliating. To have become so controlled, and such a whore that it isn’t even something dirty that pushes you over the edge. But babykat likes being humiliated.

The newest fantasy on babykat’s mind is Mummy’s latest project. For which babykat is to be the research subject. But she hardly knows anything about it.  Just that she’s in love with her devious hypnoDomme.

Babykat can no longer remember how many triggers she has, or what it is Batling has control over. It’s an automatic response. Babykat is being conditioned the way Mummy wants and loves it. She’s her hypnoslut.

If you’re thinking of pairing up…

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These two questions are ones Mummy suggested for submissives to consider before going into a D/s relationship, and even though babykat now already belongs to Mummy, she sees them as useful questions to answer if only for her own benefit…

1. Why do I want to belong to Batling?
Batling isn’t just my sadistic Domme. She’s my best friend, my girlfriend and my hypnotist. We connect on more levels than I ever could have hoped for, and she knows exactly how to read me. Batling has the most addictive, emotive voice and she’s developed hypnosis with me in the most intense way. It feels as if I’ve known her years rather than months, and she’s already mastered pushing my buttons. Hell, she’s created some of my buttons. There’s nobody that has ever made me happier in a vanilla or D/s relationship. She’s the sweetest, wisest and most loving person I know, and she treats me like a human rather just than a playtoy. I want to belong to Batling because she’s my heart’s desire and babykat’s addiction.

2. Things I accept about me.
I am never going to be really skinny, and I like enough about myself to feel confident. Batling loves me the way I am and that really helps. I have a lot to give somebody, both as a submissive and as a friend and girlfriend, and I’m accepting that Batling really does want me completely. I’m not going to be scared about things going wrong with Batling, even though it would break me if something did. I’m not the most experienced submissive, but I know that experience isn’t everything and it’s where your submission comes from that counts. I’m still learning and developing and I shouldn’t compare myself to others because I am my own brand of submissive. Mummy’s created a hypnoslut and I love it.

Words from Her heart

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Babykat thought she’d share one of her Valentines gifts here, a poem Batling wrote about her. Nothing means more than when somebody puts their time into writing something specially for you, and these are words babykat holds very close to her heart.

Journey to the West: Her Skin

Pale and glowing, like the fullest moon
our love is as gentle and steady
like a ticking clock.
If I could live forever
I could master touching her skin.
Sunshine in to the places darkness hides.
She is my eternal child
and we will always know
where the other is like unseen eyes.
We will accept circumstance and
whoever gave us a chance
If I could live forever
I’d never master her soul
but I can breathe better just touching
her skin.

Twenty-two questions

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One of the websites babykat has lately been exploring lately is Submissive Guide, and their journal prompts section which is regularly updated with short questions or wider topic suggestions. These are just a few (lol!) questions babykat gathered that seemed useful and interesting to answer, even if just for herself. And okay, she couldn’t get it down to twenty!

  • What can’t you get enough of?

Mummy’s voice! It’s completely intoxicating, a fact babykat became sure of last night listening to her Geisha Speak podcasts. The response from babykat’s body, on hearing Batling’s voice, is something she never expected. But that was before Batling began exploring mind play…

  • What does ’surrender’ mean to you?

A dictionary definition suggests ‘admitting defeat’ or ‘giving up’. Which sounds pretty negative. But for babykat, ‘surrendering herself’ in a D/s context means giving over not only her body, but her mind and emotions, fears, wants, needs for a Dom/me to see, whether it be purely for understanding or for use within a scene. Surrendering herself means that babykat can lose herself in play, not holding back parts of herself that O/others may wish to see.

  • Do you test boundaries at times? Why or why not?

Yes, because at the moment babykat has few hard boundaries. She’s still growing, exploring and learning from scenes about her likes, dislikes and hard limits. Whether you feel you’ve reached a ‘plateau’ in realising your boundaries, she feels it is still important to test these or find new routes into other activities. Over time the BDSM dynamic can change and individuals may develop as people, not to mention as Dom/mes and submissives. Often the best things are found by chance discovery, don’t be afraid to explore!

  • What, if anything, about sex distresses you?

Insecurities, body worries, ‘how bad do i look in this position‘. It’s less an embarrassment thing, because babykat won’t begin to feel embarrassed unless she thinks that her partner is aware of or bothered by the insecurity she has too, but it’s just something affecting her own mind. At 5ft 5, 130lb babykat never felt totally confident about her body. Yes, she’s always been happy with her chest and she likes that her feet aren’t inconveniently big and that she’s nicely hourglass-shaped. But insecurities about her stomach and thighs are often near the front of her mind during anything sexual. Probably it’s only her worrying. Babykat’s 2010 is starting on a bit of a health kick so…  the tummy is getting it! 

  • Is trust in your owner a necessity for your surrender?

Yes. To give herself fully over to Batling, otherwise it ends up being half-hearted play that isn’t nearly as fun or fulfilling. But babykat trusts Batling, so that’s sorted.

  • What are a few of your favorite things?

In the context of BDSM, see About babykat. Outside of BDSM, babykat is a complete geek for what she’s studying, geography. Particularly physical geography, geology, geomorpohology… fun, huh? Babykat cycles a lot, because where she lives it’s the easiest, cheapest and quickest way to get around. A good 10 miles a day usually. She also coxes, and rows when she has the opportunity. Love coxing! And, um. Doctor Who, Casualty, her yummy new bedsheets, her dollar coin from Batling and… a number of different foods!

  • When are you most aware of being owned/submissive?

The obvious moments, like during a scene or ‘recuperating‘ after a scene, or after hypnosis. But less obvious times too, such when somebody asks about the chain on which Batling’s dollar hangs, or receiving a new restriction, rule, suggestion or task from Batling. Just after babykat climaxes and is locked again indefinitely. Or when Mummy mentions just the smallest things..

  • When are you most peaceful?

Often when babykat isn’t allowed to orgasm, that’s the most peaceful time. Sure, she wants it and often that can lead to intense frustration. But when she simply puts it out of her mind and forgets about her ability to achieve that level of pleasure, she really can focus. On Mummy, or on tasks, or just on daily activities such as work or falling asleep. Obviously, denial can have completely opposite effects when babykat does play, or does let her desires reach the front of her mind as they so often do. But babykat’s learning to control herself. Equally, it’s just as peaceful after an orgasm. But then there are the less complex reasons for peace, such as chats with Batling or falling asleep holding her dollar coin. Or settling down to Casualty with a cup of tea!

  • If SM is a part of your dynamic explain how pain works for you. Is it a sexual turn on, a healing release, a spiritual moment, a session of giving?

It’s a number of things, affecting babykat both physically and mentally/emotionally. The obvious attraction is the arousal, the way that pain heightens an orgasm dramatically. But it’s really the underlying emotional aspect that feel the best, and particularly fulfilling over a longer time. ‘Spiritual’ isn’t really the right word. It’s a moment when babykat can completely let go and release her emotions, whether they’ve been created by the scene or not.

  • If you had the choice to leave the SM part of your relationship behind, could you?

That’s a hard question. Babykat never had this want, this need to be hurt before. But could she go back to that? It’s begun to feel like an itch, one that only pain can make go away. So, probably not? Of course, she could be forced but she’d never forget about it… nothing could replace it. Go check out thisgirl’s thoughts on it, her description is incredibly accurate. Here it is.

  • Is there something you never thought you would do, but are considering it with your current partner?

So much! Batling feels so particularly special partly because she’s introduced babykat to a great number of new things. Babykat never thought she’d be brave enough to let somebody play with her mind, or admit to quite liking having her orgasms controlled. Batling has also been the person to cement something else in babykat’s mind. She is a masochist.

  • What is one thing that you would never do sexually no matter what?

Anything with animals.

  • Are you allowed to have and use pet names for you owner?

Babykat’s never been told not to. And she kinda wants to. But it’s difficult to find the perfect one, nothing can be all-encompassing and it isn’t really practical for ‘you amazing person’ to be a pet name. She calls Batling precious often, or pretty. Not really pet names. Maybe Mummy counts?

  • When was the last time you had a mind-shattering orgasm?

-tries to remember- About two weeks ago, when babykat was in one of her moods. And Mummy indulged her. Babykat would have given up anything to be unlocked that night. Thank you, B.

  • Do you have a meditation and relaxation ritual? What does it entail?

Babykat’s never been much into meditation, but her hypnosis routine before bedtime is something she does need to be able to sleep. She’ll get undressed, brush her teeth and all that, turn the lights out and settle into bed. Make sure she’s comfy, and has one of her plugs in if she wishes, lay back and settle her hands against her stomach before she starts one of the hypnosis sessions on her ipod. Usually she’ll listen to two, it depends. Right after they’ve finished, she’s suitably settled and relaxed to be able to sleep, and her mind is such that she’ll be thinking about Batling all night.

  • Is love first or second in your dynamic?

First! No doubt about that. Babykat love Batling as a person, as a best friend and a girlfriend. But it doesn’t mean that the D/s dynamic has to be softer, if anything it strengthens it.

  • Have you been through some form of orgasm training? This could be restriction or cum on command training or perhaps erotic hypnosis?

How did you guess? Erotic hypnosis began a month after babykat met Batling, and she’s never looked back. The Chastity hypnosis session is partially designed for orgasm training, more from the aspect of restriction rather than cum on command. Denial and creation of babykat’s urge to orgasm has been another side of Batling’s control. This more informal approach has been largely behavioural, and left orgasm as something babykat actively wants.

  • Do you enjoy sensory deprivation or certain things you once took for granted? If it occurs within your dynamic:
    – Do you find it to be annoying/frustrating?
    – Do you find that it is just one way amongst many to remind you of your status?

Yes and no. Despite a number of fantasies about ‘complete control and dependence‘, babykat isn’t really sure that she’d happily tolerate a lifestyle with long-term periods of deprivation. Of course, it depends what it was, but deprivation of more basic needs and things to keep her feelings positive would soon lose its appeal of wanting to be completely controlled, she bets. Sensory deprivation is another thing, something babykat’s still exploring but so far can’t get enough of. It really heightens any physical attention, or any play focused on her mind purely because the sense deprived is one less thing to think about. Not to mention the submissive state of mind it puts you in. Lack of sight is the first, closely followed by lack of sound. Breath play is something that comes into it, too, but that’s a whole new story… Orgasm control and denial is something that does frustrate babykat often, but that’s overshadowed by the number of  positive feelings babykat has about it. She was so used to being able to cum daily, often more than once when she played, and now it’s something Batling has complete control over. Even, as babykat used to try before she realised just how strong her mind was that it wouldn’t happen, if babykat tries to fully focus on her fingertips, playing with her clit, playing for as long as she can before her arm falls dead, she just can’t cum. It definitely does remind babykat of her status, and in a way that’s not blindingly obvious but more exciting because of its intimacy.

  • If you are masochistic, how do you process pain? Are you the silent type? Screamer? Crier? Is this what is expected of you? How does your partner prefer you to process pain?

That all depends on the build up, the intensity and the context. Mummy loves to see her babykat cry, looking like a true masochist expressing her emotions. But babykat will only begin to cry once it does get intense, whether that be through a deeper level of pain (or even just prolonged light pain… you know, when you’ve had the cool edge of a knife against your skin for what seems like forever, but you only wish They’d press a little harder?) or through a build up of emotions, frustration and arousal. It’s not just the physical pain itself that can push babykat over the edge to cry, moan, scream, beg, just let go. Babykat loves it when Mummy hurts her, and beyond that it’s a good way to let her feelings out, whatever way that may be in.

  • Are you allowed to masturbate? Do you have any rules governing self pleasure?

Babykat is allowed to masturbate. But if she’s locked, she won’t. That’s not to say she won’t wear one of her plugs, because often feeling full provides just enough stimulation to  keep her satisfied, prevent her from masturbating more directly which will ultimately lead to complete frustration when her efforts don’t lead to a climax. It’s just a nice, indirect pleasure. It’s easier not to masturbate when she’s not able to cum, and babykat knows that now. There aren’t rules, but it’s almost as if babykat is training herself, with Mummy’s guidance through hypnosis, not to cum and therefore focus her attention elsewhere.

  • Do you beg? How do you feel when you do?

Yes, babykat does beg sometimes. Most often for permission to orgasm. Begging makes her feel like such a whore, such a needy girl because she really doesn’t need what she’s begging for like she needs food or water. It’s just her wants getting the better of her. Especially when she’s begging to cum… how she’s become so involved in her own pleasure that it’s all that’s filling her mind. It’s a big enforcer of her status as a submissive too, the way that to be allowed that little push over the edge to climax, Batling must say yes. It gives Batling a huge amount of control, and babykat adores that. Secretly, she likes begging too. She likes being a whore. She is a bit of a whore deep down. It’s a turn-on to have to beg for it.

Thats it! New blog post up soon, -tugs at my dollar coin- and i’ll explain everything…

Subwise #7: Romance

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This is the seventh Submissive Guide SubWise task, but babykat’s first. Luna gives out a topic to write about and the task is as follows – Write about the topic in your blog or online journal. You don’t have to have a blog to participate, for example if you have a FetLife account you can use your writing section, and other communities also have journal areas where you can post your response. Send Luna an email giving her the link to the blog post itself. Repost the list of posts from other participants within one week of when they are published on Submissive Guide. The topic carnival will be published on February 22nd so all submissions should be received by February 21st at midnight CST. Please feel free to let your friends know about this carnival. The more people that participate the better! The topic is:

Romance in D/s Relationships: What do you consider romantic? How is romance alive in your dynamic? Is it different than if you were in a vanilla relationship?

True, meaningful romance is something that’s very hard to act. If you’re not somebody that’s naturally romantic, the usual gifts can just seem meaningless and cliché. Once you’ve found the right person, babykat believes that romance will flourish from within you, whether you were a naturally ‘sappy’ person to begin with or it’s something that’s come about from the strength of your love. Although events such as first dates, anniversaries or valentines can give a potential reason to be romantic in a way that differs from usual, romance shouldn’t be something confined to those days, and it shouldn’t be that you ‘become a romantic person’ to show love on these days. Whether the way you’re romantic is through a letter, a gift or a physical act, it’s the fact that it comes from within you that matters.

Babykat, naturally, is incredibly romantic. Just as much as she likes to be the receiving end of a gesture, she adores doing the whole romantic thing as one of the ways in expressing her feelings. Being in love has enhanced that. Romance hasn’t been something that has made the relationship between her and Batling stronger as such, but it’s definitely makes it more intense. No relationship could survive on romance alone, if it lacked a deeper connection. But in a loving dynamic, romantic acts can make each day feel more special, each hour feel more precious and each person feel more loved. It’s simply another way of conveying strong affection for one another.

Babykat has spoken to Dom/mes who don’t believe that romance is particularly essential in a D/s relationship, but that’s something which is hard to understand. The fact that Batling and her share a romance, beyond a straight BDSM dynamic, has never held back the way she expresses her feelings during a session, or the desires she has about Batling’s actions towards her. BDSM isn’t what’s most important in the relationship, and babykat could never have developed the feelings she does for Batling if it was purely based on D/s play. To be honest, romance has meant that scenes are often harder and more intense. There’s no feeling that hard scenes are the reason Batling wants babykat, and she knows that Mummy will be there for her afterwards so she’s happier to consent. Part of romance in the relationship is not only the connection during a scene, catching love in Batling’s eye as she’s just about to hurt her girl, but after the scene. There are times, yes, when babykat needs to be left alone after a scene, whether in tears or purely for time alone. But more often, it’s about going into a scene excited about not only play, but intimacy afterwards.

Romance in babykat’s relationship with Batling began with the smallest of gestures. Since there was not, until recently, a recordable turning point in the progression from friendship to a D/s relationship, babykat felt it difficult to know whether it would be okay to express the feelings she had particularly romantically. She felt so strongly for Batling that it was something which came naturally, but she was anxious that it wasn’t taken as silly, unnecessary or over the top. Of course, now she’s realised just how similar her and Batling are, and given the chance neither one could hold back from romance.

In a loving D/s relationship, play sessions are not only about enjoying time together and the physical connection that you have, but a way of expressing your feelings. Just like, in a vanilla relationship, if you knew your partner loved diamonds you might buy diamond jewellery for them when you most want to show your feelings. In her relationship with Batling, it’s the interests that they share which provide one route into romance. Any relationship could be romantic through the usual gifts, but it’s when it’s unique to the two of you particularly that it feels so meaningful. With Batling, little innocent suggestions such as pillow fort building or a Doctor Who night sound so especially romantic because they’re things both babykat and her love, and the fact that it’s together or that one person has remembered specially is what makes it so great. Since the relationship is a D/s dynamic, however, other interests are somewhat different to those of a vanilla relationship.

The first flutter of excitement babykat felt was down to romance was a simple mp3. The first hypnosis mp3 Batling sent babykat, and the one that would make her feel closer to Batling than ever. It was less the content of the mp3 that was romantic, despite the feelings it gave babykat, but the act itself. Babykat knew Mummy had sat down to record with babykat in her mind, said those words with babykat’s needs as the starting point, and Mummy’s desires for babykat, and babykat alone, were the reason she was recording. It was kinda done as a way to make Batling feel closer and more special, not to mention for babykat to experience hypnosis first hand for the first time. The gesture made babykat smile and the content made her feel that little bit more adored.

So much of a scene with Batling is based on love, trust and mutual enjoyment that, in babykat’s eyes, even the most sadistic of scenes could be deemed romantic. Textbook romance is based on a strong emotional attachment, and there are few times that babykat feels more attached to Batling than during a scene. Sure, telling each other, writing poems, letters or even just hearing the voice of the person you love can reignite the spark of feelings you initially felt becoming so attached to them, but some days it takes a scene to reassure babykat just how close they are when she’s feeling down. It’s nothing to do with the physical element in play. Not purely because sex, pain, play or whispered words makes it physically feel better. In a hypnosis session, it’s the mental ties between babykat and Batling that are so strong. Hypnosis provokes intense emotions that vary greatly depending on the image Batling is painting.. but, no matter the topic, they are sessions which are definitely romantic. Not solely a romantic gesture, like a poem or flowers may be, since there are so many other reasons Batling indulges babykat in hypnosis, but definitely romantic of sorts. It’s Batling that evokes the feelings babykat associates with a trance, and besides all the feelings the specific session aims to provoke it’s Batling at the forefront of babykat’s mind. After all, she is completely in control.

It takes a lot, a whole lot of love to completely give your submission to somebody. Babykat could be the most submissive girl and, if she didn’t feel the way she does for Batling, still could not fully submit to her. It’s babykat’s belief that to fully give a Dom/me your submission, your heart has to be in it too. A part of the submission babykat knows with Batling is because she loves her. She can give her everything without feeling scared, even the submissive parts of her that are connected so deeply to her emotions, her heart. Sometimes, just submitting to Batling feels like the most romantic thing babykat could do. That’s not the reason why she feels particularly submissive some days – it’s just a part of her and often becomes a more major part – but giving Batling not only her body, but her heart and her mind too, that feels like something special, something sentimental.

Babykat’s relationship with Batling wouldn’t be the same without sugar-sweet romance. Babykat knows that Batling loves her whether she’s sappy or not, but whether it’s giving a scene an edge or making nights feel less lonely, true romance is something babykat adores with Batling.